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Jul. 23rd, 2016

My five!

Love reading yalls 5 things. Gotta make it quick and won't have pics but whatever.
1. Our house is delayed so as of August 5, we will be living in a hotel for at least two weeks. Jon wanted an older hotel with two bedroom suite but the location sucks so I made him change it to a smaller one bedroom suite that is all brand new and location is so much better. Just for those two weeks alone is almost 3k and I have a very strong feeling it's gonna be longer.
2. Work is insane. I am so thankful that Jon pushed me to go back to working from home and luckily my design business has really flourished, but there is a project that I'm working on now that I am just completely unprepared for. I've taken the attitude of fake it till you make it and am living on that but damn I feel inadequate. But it's good money so I'm just figuring it out as we go.
3. I have gained so much weight and am miserable for it. Where did the time go? I entered the 'fat and happy' stage with Jon and haven't found a way out.
4. Jon's ex is a total psycho bitch. I mean, certifiably. She's not doing a birthday party for Morgan bc of all the tension. So we are doing one and it will be awesome.
5. Put myself out there on a Frisco moms FB page and was like ok, I want to make friends that, while I can have a strong faith, I cuss and am fucked up enough to not feel comfortable joining a church women's group. Anyone else? The response was insane. Jon was out of town last week and I had a get-together at our house. 6 ladies - none of us knew each other - came over and it was literally the best thing ever. One was ultra-liberal, one just moved from Boston, two from our new neighborhood who found out they live next door to each other! One is black and a hospice nurse and one just moved from the Netherlands. The other girl is Indian. It was SO incredible to get to know all of these women from different walks of life.

6. We are meeting the Netherlands couple and some others we don't know at the pool in what is supposed to be 30 mins. But I have about 45 minutes of shaving to do so whatever. We are bringing tequila and steak so I'm sure that will make up for our lateness!

Jun. 20th, 2016

Douche volume II

I feel like I need to start off my saying that I know Andy loves the kids and would lay down his life for them in a second. Honestly he's always so caught up in his own head that he just doesn't think, plan, think about how others would/will feel from his actions or lack thereof. I guess when we were together it didn't annoy me as bad bc it was easy to just tell him what to do, when to do something, etc. Its like he never learned to be a grownup so stuff like last night happens, or, today's sitch:
Sam is doing Twilight Camp this week with the Boy Scouts. This is the one thing that Andy has always done with him - and I'm thankful for that - but Sam is always the only one not in uniform, comes late or unprepared, couple years ago didn't take the time to follow the rules at the pinewood and at the last minute was disqualified. Sam was sobbing and I literally thought I would tear his head off. He's like well buddy, I'm sorry and (like normal) I plead with the leaders and ask if I race home and get his car from the year before if he could use that, which he did. Anyway, at the same time, he's good about taking him and has done several overnight camping trips which I am super grateful for.
So anyway, he sent me a list of stuff he needed for camp this week, including a big bucket to hold all his stuff and that he can also sit on. The email said you could get them for $2 at firehouse subs.
I emailed him back and said to please make sure he had everything ready for him - I knew he was trying to get me to pay for it all but we pay for *everything* and since he got laid off months ago, my child support from him is only at 20% of what I should be receiving.
Since it's Lyla's birthday, I asked him to take and pick up Sam tonight and I would take tomorrow, etc. He drops off Sam and his bucket and mentioned that it was a bucket used for pickles bc it still had a pickle smell to it.
After he left, we opened it and I kid you not, there was several inches of pickle juice in the bottom of it. And all his stuff - a hat he made, his name tag, etc...soaked and sitting in the juice. Of course Sam didn't think anything of it but I thought Jon was going to explode.
Jon is very much a 'use everything as a teaching tool and most of all always take care of your things and make sure you are organized' type of guy. Whereas Andy (and me too, at times) would just go buy a new tv if we lost the remote. (I'm horrified by a lot of things like this now.)
Anyway, I wanted to rip him a new a-hole bc Jon spent the next 45 minutes washing everything, laying it all out to dry, but it won't do any good. Last time I did that he wouldn't let me talk to the kids for two days.
Ok, bath water is getting cold! Rant over for now!
Miss you all!!!

Jun. 19th, 2016


You know what sucks about divorce? Here's one!
Andy has the kids this weekend. Tomorrow is Lyla's birthday and Jon and I just facetimed with her to wish her happy early birthday and she's grinning so big and tells us 'daddy told me he didn't get me anything but I know it's bc he's just trying to trick me!'
We hang up, I text Andy and ask him and sure enough he didn't get anything. And no, it's not a money thing as they just went out to eat (which they do for every meal).
I started bawling. Jon got out of bed, threw on some clothes and said come on babe...we will go get something and take it over and it can be from him.
We just left Walmart and are driving over to his apartment.

Jun. 17th, 2016

This messy life

Ok so from here on out - at least until the wedding - I'm gonna post here. There is SO much I want to say - yes, I blocked my ex-BFF and Jon's ex - recently, even though we have hung out with her recently. I need a place to emotionally dump.

Jun. 14th, 2016

How freaking funny are my save the dates??

Ok seriously I am just so loving these that I had to post!

Dec. 17th, 2015

Thank you in advance...lol

Ok so...well...because we all know each more intimately than most (periods, all the gore that happens in childbirth, etc.), I HAVE to post a picture of the ring Jon gave me last night. It's tacky to do so - thus my advance apology, and why I won't post it in FB. But damnit I just have to show y'all. I could D-I-E!

ok maybe two lol

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